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Solutions For the Sell High,Buy High Problem in DFW Real Estate

Would You Love to Sell Your Home in DFW? But Concerned You Won’t Find a Home to Buy at a Great Price?
Posted: February 08, 2017 by Jennifer Potter

This is a very common and natural concern.  It is absolutely a great time to sell your home here in DFW. A “seller’s market,” as real estate pundits like to say. However, where does that leave you as a buyer? How do you then afford to BUY a home after you sell yours since listing prices are high and still on the rise?  


That IS a problem.  So let’s look at some solutions.


First of all, you have indeed heard correctly. Home values in DFW are on the rise.  And when home values are on the rise that means home sales prices are on the rise as well. The average number of days on market for homes listed for sale in DFW has increased over the past several months (which is actually a good thing). And the sales prices that homeowners are achieving for their properties in Collin County increased by $12,000 over the past three months alone. [Source: Real Estate Center: Texas A&M University]


I recently had clients sell their beautiful home in McKinney, TX. They lived in this home in McKinney for 10 years and wanted to take advantage of their equity and current high sales prices. But like you, they were concerned. What would they be able to afford after they sold?  


But here is what they learned: the extra money they made from the increased sales price of their home allowed them to purchase a beautiful larger home in McKinney that was well within their budget.  And it had all the amenities and features they wanted, including a pool.


Here is what we did…


Even before they listed their home for sale, we sat down together and crunched the numbers based on their needs and wants so they could rest assured that they would not be homeless after they made a killing on their current home. 


You see, one thing the past 10 years in real estate here in the Dallas metroplex has afforded me is a vast knowledge of all types of neighborhoods, homes, builders and what they have to offer.  Positives and negatives.  I know what is out there.  It’s my job to know.  And it’s my job to help you feel comfortable every step of the way.


I have helped over 200 families buy or sell in the metroplex, and one thing that does not change is my desire to help them achieve their real estate goals. 

My marketing background paves the way for us to map a marketing plan that achieves the highest sale price in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of stress for you and your family.  Once your home sale is under way, we then focus our energy on finding the perfect home for your and your family.  My job is to guide you through what to expect so there are no surprises and offer advice and solutions along the way.


For example, my preferred lending partner, First Bank Home Loans, recently shared something very interesting with me. They offer something entitled a Bridge Loan program.  This program enables homeowners to buy their dream home first, and then allows them to sell their existing home within 6 months of that closing. There are not two mortgage payments with this product, which makes it highly appealing to many clients. No worries of being homeless once your home goes under contract.


Just as it helps to talk things out with a friend or family member when you have a concern or problem, please understand that you can do the same with me when it comes to your home.  Even if it is simply questions.


Let’s sit down over a cup of coffee and talk it out.  Get your real estate questions answered and rest assured that I will help you do what makes the best sense for you and your family.  What benefits YOU.



Want to find out how much your home is worth right now? I’ll give you an instant market analysis…no strings attached.  Simply go HERE.


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